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Cancer-Cell Wall Art

Over one million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Watching a loved one battle cancer is incredibly difficult, and we often find ourselves doing everything we can to show our love and support for that person. At Molecular Photos, we create meaningful cancer-cell artwork that honors cancer patients and contributes to cancer research organizations. We take real cancer-cell images and use vibrant colors to turn those images into striking pieces of art. Our cancer artwork features many different forms of cancer, including breast, kidney, gastrointestinal and more. Our goal is to bring healthcare facilities to life with artwork that inspires, educates and connects to the patients. We donate 10% of every purchase to a cancer research foundation of your choice, so this is a purchase you can feel good about. We let you choose which foundation the proceeds go to so that you donate to an organization that is meaningful to you. Shop our collection of cancer-cell artwork and help us fight cancer through artistic expression.

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Adenolipoma 801-0002 Adenolipoma 801-0002
Our Price: $249.00
CMV Colitis 501-0002 CMV Colitis 501-0002
Our Price: $249.00
Cylindroma 101-0003 Cylindroma 101-0003
Our Price: $249.00