every purchase gives back to fighting cancer

Molecular Photos decorates walls around the world, from people's homes to small clinics and outpatient facilities, to major hospitals and universities. Every piece is uniquely designed and match any color palette to fit any wall. We are proud to create art that sparks important conversations, contributes to fighting cancer, and empowers our survivors, fighters, and thrivers.

Doctor's Offices

Our pieces can be found in the specialists' offices all over the world. Our gallery features a wide range of cancer cell types and colors.

Medical Office Buildings

Molecular Photos creates images in three different sizes and can help create the right color and theme for your space. Custom sizes available on request.

Waiting Rooms and Clinics

Whether your room sits three or thirty, we can help find the right colors and cell types to match the aesthetics of your space.

Molecular Photos can be seen in the homes of passionate thrivers and survivors. We are very proud to help Lee bring awareness and support to the Colorectal Rectal Cancer community. These images are being used in as conversation starters, positive reinforcement, and hope of making a difference.

Clinicians from every specialty can now hang clinically relevant artwork. Images are colorized from real cells, from real people, and have real stories. Medical professionals are happily supporting the mission of fighting back at cancer through amazing artwork related to their profession.

Metanephric Adenoma


metanephric Adenoma




Breast Cancer


ductal carcinoma in Situ

Fighting cancer uniquely

The designers at Molecular Photos transform real cellular imaging of cancer into vibrant, clinically relevant art with a story and an impact. The images we create spur conversation, provide a guide for instructions and create a new kind of art that does more than just decorate a wall. We’ve created partnerships with cancer research foundations across the country to contribute 15% of every sale to cancer research. Our mission is mighty: we fight cancer with art.