Cancer survivors helping to fight Cancer

Molecular Photos understands the emotional and powerful connection we have as cancer fighters, survivors thrivers and supporters. If you are interested in creating artwork using your own cells, please complete an authorization form so that we may retrieve your cellular image from your healthcare facility.

how to Share your Story

How Molecular Photos is building a community of survivors and fighters, supporters and patrons, one story at time.

It often starts with a conversation. There's the conversation you may have with your doctor, which leads to the conversation you have with your oncologist. There are conversations with family members, conversations you have with friends and coworkers, the occasional person at the park or on the bus. We have conversations with ourselves, reminders that we are strong and not alone; that it's okay to feel how we feel: angry, sad, hopeful, determined, and most of importantly, connected. When we have these conversations and share our stories, we're often doing more than we realize. Molecular Photos is honored to play a part in this story telling. With our Storytelling Series, Molecular Photos provides a space for people to share their experience and to have cancer sell imaging made from their own cells. In addition to our contribution to cancer research, we donate a portion of every Storytelling art piece directly to the storyteller affected by cancer. We know that cancer can be an expensive battle. In an effort to hep relieve this stress, Molecular Photos offers 5% from the sale of every Storytelling piece to go directly to the individual that made it. Interested patients can request to have their own cancer cell images uploaded to the Molecular Photos Survivor Art Gallery, along with a story about who they are, what they've overcome, and what lie ahead. If you are interested in sharing your story and creating artwork of your own cancer cell images that will be for sale to other patients, clinics and medical facilities around the world, send us your testimonial so you can become a featured survivor on our site. Questions about the process? Please contact us an we will be in touch.