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Art has always been an important unifier. It can spur discussion, evoke inspiration, and inspire change. We are proud of the work we are doing and grateful for the opportunity to provide clinically relevant art to clinics, research facilities, hospitals, and people’s homes. Our artwork is available in three different sizes, and can come framed or unframed. We also create custom sizes for larger commercial orders.


Small   18"X24" - $289.00

Medium 24"X36"- $379.00

Large 36"X48" - $549.00

Acrylic Mounted

Small  18"X24" - $289.00

Medium  24"X36" - $379.00

Large  36"x48" - $549.00

Acrylic Mounted comes 4 corner mounts


Small   18"X24" - $289.00

Medium 24"X36" - $379.00

Large 36"X48" - $549.00

Canvas for a casual look