"Our photomicrograph of non-invasive breast cancer (ductal carcinoma in situ), from Molecular Photos, is a great educational tool for our patients. It provides us with a visible and real demonstration of the concepts of disease that are difficult to convey in words alone. Putting a 'face' on the problem helps the patients understand the disease which alleviates anxiety and fear. The artistry of the wall framed print and Molecular Photos's contributions to fighting cancer have made our purchase all the more rewarding. We look forward to additional images that we can use to educate and stimulate conversation". 

Henry J. Kaufman IV, MD, FACS Surgical Oncologist

Joan T. Broussard, AFNP



Midtown Urology in Austin Texas adopts the philosophy of adding clinically relevant artwork to help fight cancer. Dr. Michael Trotter says....."finally, art with a purpose". The pieces from Molecular Photos are relevant to my everyday practice as a Urologist. We look forward to seeing some of their educational pieces as well." 

Michael Trotter MD, Urologist

Andrew Barger, NP




Molecular Photos is excited to be partnering with Clinical Pathology Labs, based in Austin Texas.  "As one of the country's largest commercial reference laboratories, in operation for over 50 years, CPL is very familiar with cancer and its impact. We are honored to support fighting cancer today and tomorrow", says President Bobby Smithson.

Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Austin Texas