Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know these pictures are authentic?

Molecular Photos has teamed up with pathologists in every speciality to procure each slide. Many of these slides are authorized for use as training tools at teaching facilities across the country. Every slide is completely anonymous and contains no identifying patient information.

Q: Can we choose where we want our donation to go to?

Yes. During the checkout process the system will ask you to pick a foundation from a dropdown list. If your preferred foundation is not listed, you have the option to add their name. For our partner foundations, we donate 10% of all Molecular Photo sales; for foundations that are not currently listed as a partner, we donate 5% of sales.

Q: How many sizes do you have? Are you able to make custom sizes?

We have three standard sizes: small (18”x24”), medium (24”x36”), and large (36”x48”). We can also create custom sizes for larger, commercial orders.

Q: What is the difference between the museum mounted and framed pieces? Is the quality different with either option?

The museum mounted pieces are printed straight onto an acrylic canvas and have a mounting frame behind the image, which means that they sit closer to the wall. The framed pieces come in a frame with an acrylic covering. The high print quality is the same for either option.

Q: How long does it take to receive my artwork once I've purchased it?

The turnaround time from the date of purchase is typically ten business days. Depending on the final destination, it may take an additional three to five days.

Q: Is Molecular Photos interested in creating new partnerships at this time?

Yes. Molecular Photos is rapidly growing its network of foundational and corporate partnerships. Please feel free to send referrals through our Contact Us Page.