About Us

As a team of people come from different healthcare backgrounds, we have spent a lot of time in clinical offices seeing artwork on the walls that did not quite fit the feel of physician's office. We saw yellowing photographs of vague lakes, mountains, and field; images of cats and birds with quotes meant to inspire; cartoon depictions of body parts and factoids. We started Molecular Photos as a way to do things differently; to decorate offices with art that connects with each room or facility and that raises money for cancer research and care. 

We believe that decorating walls with clinically relevant art is a way to create more soothing, inspiring, and educational space for patients, clinicians, and in the home. Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to cancer research and patient support, with the ultimate goal of helping to eradicate cancer altogether. We donate 10% of every sale to the cancer research foundation of your choice and frequently donate artwork to foundation auctions. We are proud to this work and hope that you will join us.