About Us

The Molecular Photos team is made up of several healthcare entrepreneurs. Our experience consists of building laboratory partnerships with hundreds of physicians of all specialties, hospitals, and healthcare institutions. Throughout the years, we noticed much of the hanging artwork was very standard and not relevant to healthcare. It was then, when we surfaced our unique idea. Let's create a movement to provide clinically relevant artwork in a way never seen before that ultimately gives back to research and patient care.

We want to bring life and creativity into these healthcare spaces. Using the power of community, social media, and digital marketing, our goal is to create a movement of how artwork is displayed and interacted with in healthcare facilitates across the country.

With every piece of artwork purchased, we commit 10% of sales price towards the medical foundation of your choice. We hope you will join us in making a profound impact to advance healthcare research in a meaningful way.



Unique Designs,  Inspiring Change, Giving Back 

Molecular Photos aims to bring life and creativity into healthcare spaces. Through art, our goal is to spark important conversations that inspire and give back to research & patient care. With our donation-based model, we’re leading the way in making meaningful impacts towards the fight against cancer. We encourage you to join our mission of Fighting Cancer with Art.